How far will you go? How long will you stoop to tranqualize our minds with your sugar-coated swill? The lowest common denominator rules. Forget honesty, forget creativity. The dumbest buy the mostest. That's the name of the game. But sales are slumping and no one will say why. Could it be they put out one too many lousy records?
("MTV get off the air!", Dead Kennedys)

Amöbenklang (Punk)
Artware (Dark Wave)
Bananaboot, Aschaffenburg (2nd Hand allgemein & Klamotten)
Crazy Love Records (Psychobilly)
Dark Symphonies (Dark Wave)
EMP (Metal)
Flight 13 (Punk)
Glasnost (Mediashop, Punk)
Going Underground (Dark Wave)
Green Hell (Punk & Streetrock)
Hörsturz (EBM & Industrial)
Hombre Lobo Records (Hardcore/Grindcore)
House of Wax (Rock ‘n’Roll)
Indietective (Independent)
Impact Mailorder (Punkrock, Hardcore, Ska & Oi!-Mailorder)
InfraRot (Dark Wave)
Kick e.V. (allgemein)
Life-Mailorder (Metal bis Dark Wave)
Martz (Dark Wave)
MDD Shop (Metal)
Metal Merchant (Metal)
Musikladen Zeil, Frankfurt (allgemein)
Napalm Records (Metal)
Nasty Vinyl (Punk)
Nuclear Blast (Metal)
Resist (Dark Wave)
Sick Wreckords, Frankfurt (2nd Hand, Psychobilly/Hardcore)
Sound Check, Offenbach (Second Hand-CD's allgemein)
Ulis Musik, Darmstadt (allgemein)
Wonderland (Dark Wave)