Is  it a crime to want something else? Is it a crime to believe in something different? Is it a crime to want to make things happen? To spit in the faces of the cynical fools. They all protect the cage they're in. No tears of rage, no cries of pain. Nothing ventured, nothing gained in smalltown England Germany...
("Smalltown England", New Model Army)

Affliction Magazine (Gothic)
Ancinet Spirit
Bembelterror (Hardcore-EBM, Gabber)
Blackscreen (Dark Wave / Gothic)
Black Slacks (Rockabilly / Rock'n'Roll)
Copyriot (Linke Veranstaltungen in Rhein Main)
Darmstadt Punk (Punk)
The Gothicworld (Dark Wave / Gothic)
Industrial Nation (Industrial)
Liga 6000
Maingold (Musik querbeet)
Metal-Deathmatch (Extrem-Metal/Cave)
Metalspheres (Metal)
Mystic History (Dark Wave / Gothic)
Nachtmensch (allgemein Frankfurt)
New Empire (Hardcore-EBM)
Noize Concept
Opernplatztreffen Frankfurt (Gothic)
Redland (Dark Wave / Gothic)
Speedytergroup (Gothic)
Yabbas World (Dark Wave / Gothic) 
Hardcore in Hessen
Flower-Tours (Hardcore allgemein)
Offenbach am Meer (Alternative Kultur)
Warriors Of Steel (Metal)
Webrocker (Zeitgenössische Musik)
Schmerzgrenze (Industrial)


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Schattenwelt (Online-Spiel)